About Us

Michael in illustration

Hello, I am Michael and I hope you’re enjoying reading on outdoorfavor.com. Now it is time to reveal why I started this blog.

First thing first, I love to do various outdoor activities. I enjoy camping, hiking, traveling, and backpacking so much. That’s the main reason why I started this blog. And I want to ensure that this love for the outdoor will also be shown in my content.

Hmm, there are some great blogs on outdoor activities and I respect them because they are sharing a lot of great things. So why you need this blog? Why would you choose Outdoor Favor? Keeping silly reasons aside, the main thing is – this blog is made only to provide value! value! and value to its readers.

In my journey to outdoor, I’ve learned various things, some from other people and some from my own experiences. Yet, there are many things that I don’t know because outdoor world is not small like our home. It’s a vast world of fun! So whatever I know and whatever I’ll know in my outdoor journey, I’ll make sure that you also know that.

We also review outdoor-related products. Now, what’s new in this, many other blogs also do reviews? Again our readers are everything to us. That’s why I am promising you, I will never-ever review any product based on price and affiliate profit. I will only review and recommend the products which are the value of money and will help you with your outdoor journey.

Thanks if you’re purchasing items from my affiliate links. If you’re are using my link to buy then I will get a small commission without any extra cost to you and it’s feedback to me that you’re finding my content valuable. My love, thanks for your support.

There are some other things I am looking forward to outdoorfavor.com, which will help you to enhance your outdoor journey.

Thanks for being here.