Are Moncler Jackets Warm Enough? (Read Before You Buy)

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Yes, Moncler Jackets are warm but unfortunately, they are not the warmest.

You might have noticed some common materials while scrolling through Moncler jackets. Such as down, feathers, fur, cotton, and nylon.

But one thing is not fair with Moncler is that they just provide names in product description without much details about them and how efficient together are they to keep us warm.

And even are they good enough or not for the price we pay, all hidden from the consumers like us.

Let’s discuss some of the main things that Moncler uses to provide a reasonable amount of warmth but more importantly let’s see if they are better than the known affordable brands.

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What Moncler Is Doing To Keep The Jackets Warm?

Down Usage

Moncler claims to use at least uses 90% white goose down clusters and 10% other small birds feathers.

If you do not know, it is the fill power and the down quality that will determine the quality of warmth in a down jacket.

However, there are two most popular and commercially successful down which are duck down and geese down, among these two geese down is of superior insulation and provides more volume per cubic inch because they are longer and stronger than that ducks’.

Don’t be fooled by down and feathers because down is the fluffy plumage beneath the feathers of goose or duck. So 90% is that fluffy material and the remaining are just feathers.

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Ok, that’s fine but to be honest I think Moncler can come way cheaper if we just see the warmth and ethic area of its, why?

Because no matter how expensive the Moncler jacket is, you’ll only get the down of 750 fill power.

Fill power, in simplest terms, means the amount of space down will occupy. And in Moncler, it is 710, which means the 30 gram of down will fill 710 cubic inches.

If you, just google the highest fill power, you’ll find the number can currently go up to 900 fill power starting from around 550.

And as said the higher the fill power, you’ll get more warmth to weight ratio, more compressible and firm and lighter, and overall have much better quality than that of the lower number.

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Now just compare, 750 vs 900 (both are commercially available), which one do you think will be warmer, obviously, the 900 one will win.

Though this does not mean that the Moncler is not warm, they will take the sweat out of you because of complying with their 11 quality standards, hundreds of testing, and above all 750 is great to fill power, is just not the highest.

But, in real-life situations as the temperature drops to real bad then a Patagonia Down Sweater gives 800 fill power and is way lighter at just $229.

And the Feathered Friend Eos which has down of fill-power 900 will be more effecient and do not lose the insulation for a much longer time than that of Moncler.

I know it is not fair to abuse such a luxurious brand, which I am not in terms of their luxury, the question here is of functionality and real-life uses in real situations and not some ramp walk.

The other thing that makes me the question is their DIST which stands for Down Integrity System & Traceability which you should be aware of that it is their own system of tracing to know where the down is coming from and how the animals are treated.

To be frank, they aren’t cheap to establish a third-party to trace the down, so that at least in consumers’ eyes it looks more ethical because DIST is their own making so the laws may influence the Moncler.

It’s A Note, So You Can Skip It. But I Request You To Take Your Time And Read It.

Before watching this video I think that Down Standards such as RDS are completely ethical, frankly speaking, I really supported the manufactures that claim it has RDS or any certification so the geese and ducks are not lived plucked. But as my heart always beats for all-inclusive well-being.

Now I doubt whether the mere tags or certificates are enough to get us to believe that the beautiful birds and animals are treated not with cruelty.

But, still, I trust Advanced Global TDS (Traceable Down Standard), the reason behind this trust is because of their hard rules and sudden checking on farms without any prior notice.

But still, the records are not public so Global TDS is also a question mark.

Must Watch This Video, Tt’s An Humble Request.

Honestly speaking now I do not support the down jackets at all if it is coming at the cost of animals but because it is the scope of this article to tell you everything about jackets warm. I’ve no other choice left than to describe every type of insulation offered by this company.

Though, as far as I go, I recommend environmentally friendly synthetic over the natural down no matter if it is less warm.

I’ve taken the pledge of never buying Down products but just I can not do anything so please sign this pledge by PETA that you’ll not buy the down products.

What impact can it have? Simply, it’s a business, if there is no demand, why would someone invest their money to supply the demand that is no longer exists.

Clearly, in a line, I doubt whether the Moncler is really ethical in down even though they say that live-plucking and force-feeding is not allowed

Also, from time to time they allow external agencies to audit their geese farm and the animal feeding environment.

Overall, I do not know where is the problem of letting any third party be involved completely, even the cheaper brands (compared to Moncler) are doing this by letting RDS (Responsible Down Standard) (Though, I doubt RDS too) and Advanced Global TDS (Global TDS is still good because of strong rules) ensure complete animal welfare where the down is getting naturally due to feather fall.

Does Their Quilted Design Play Any Role In Keeping Us Warm?

Yes, quilted or better known as puffer design does play a role in insulating us from the winter. However, puffer design is not invented by Moncler but it is the mind of Eddie Bauer.

Because down is filled in stitches which gives them a puffy look.

If you just gave an eye to Moncler jackets then all their puffer jackets are really puffier than many other brands and that is a reason enough to answer why Moncler jackets are warmer.

Because due to the quilted design the capability of any jacket to capture heat in the down cluster is much enhanced and it is not let the heat pass.

That’s why with such down jackets there is ain’t much technology needed because goose down is very good at insulating and trapping the heat like real geese birds who remain completely warm even in the darn cold.

Is Moncler good for snow? (A Technical Point Of View)

Please don’t get mad at me because I am going to tell the real truth.

Moncler jackets are good for snow if you’re not skiing meaning in sub-zero temperature they won’t lack in warmth, keeping in mind the temperature does not continue to drop.

But, terms of functionality and technology needed in ski jackets are totally absent in Monclers’.

Although, they still claim that even after focusing the majority of their attention on style and fashion week, they still focus on a mountain expedition.

Sorry, but in my opinion, it’s a complete lie. So you’re looking for a statement, here it is: Moncler jackets are good for city winters or snow, or at mountain expedition but still I would not recommend them for such expedition due to lack of features.

All skiers or alpine lovers must know how important is recco reflector is if just in case you get buried in a snow storm then with a recco reflector there are chances that more likely you’ll get found but if you’re wearing Moncler, the only god can save you in a really harsh situation.

Recco is just a name, Moncler lacks in many more things that are absolutely needed in alpines or skiing like heat vents, shell, hood compatibility, hand warmer, waterproofing of Gore-Tex or PrimaLoft Gold, etc.

On that condition, curb your way to Patagonia and Spyder jackets for skiing and alpine move straight to the Arc’teryx.

Trust me they all come cheaper and will serve you many times better in snow.

Does Moncler use real fur? (Does Fur Even Needed For Warmth)

From my research, Yes, some Moncler jacket, coats, or parkas uses real fur from coyote which is cruel because they are not generally farmed like a goose.

With Moncler DIST, we can somewhere doubt that OK, maybe they are thinking of animal welfare as the highest value in their whole strategy.

Though, that’s also a question mark because in 2014, Italian state television RAI accused down jackets maker of using inhumane methods to pluck geese

However after all the tests Moncler denied the allegations and said that the geese used for its jackets can cost more than $1000, “must be treated in a way that does not cause them any kind of suffering”[Source]

But in fur, even the Canada goose is not a priest because both the Moncler and Canada goose bought the fur from animal trappers.

As said some Moncler jackets do have fur hoodies and yes, they help our body to stay warm.

Is Moncler Jacket’s Warmth Deserve The Incredibly High Price? (Honest Answer)

See if you’re inclining toward purchasing a Moncler jacket because from some of your friends or from any source you get to know that Moncler makes the warmest jacket then it’s a complete lie because yes, their jackets are really warm but not the warmest.

And honestly speaking, you can get the same amount of warmth and warmth to weight ratio at a way cheaper price.

For example, Patagonia, the north face, feathered friends, Arcteryx are the brands that can provide you premium quality and the same warmth or even higher than Moncler jackets at half the price with way better functionality and technology.

Among all the premium brands I like Patagonia because not only do they make high-quality jackets/hoodies but they are really committed to animal welfare, environmental impact, and sustainability.

So in my opinion, no Moncler jacket is good enough to be worth that huge price tag at least in terms of warmth.

On the other hand. Moncler absolutely worth more than a thousand dollars if you like the shiny & puffier look, their brand name, and above all go for Moncler jackets if you want your friends and relatives to compliment you about how rich are you.

See in the end, I can only give you my suggestions because it’s a democratic country, and you have the right to either spend or invest your money.

Here’s a video explaining if Moncler jackets are worth it or not…

In the end, I would just say think wisely rather than buying compulsively just to gain some attention.