How to Bathe Baby While Camping (Best Advice)

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Babies are lovely because they pay attention to life without any judgment or conclusion which most of the grown adults gave up and thus who are not paying attention to life and have created their own web of conclusions, beliefs, and judgments are the persons which are not alive in my eyes.

I am not sorry for being harsh at the beginning of the article but I want you to realize the biggest failure of your life that you have started ignoring this fabulous life as you become from the size of a hand to the size of a horse. It is time to pay attention to life, inside and outside of you so that you’ll not regret this when you’re on your deathbed.

Congrats for making such a great choice to bring your baby with you for a camping trip because life will teach them, nourish them, and grow them. Why? Because they’re open to life and willing to pay attention. If you also want to grow into a full-fledge joyful human being then please start to pay attention to life.

Bathing baby while camping is as easy as it is bathing them in a home. Just location changes from indoor to outdoor you need to pack some extra things to make the cleaning process easy and not a headache.

how to bathe baby while camping

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How to Bathe Baby While Camping

Herbal Bath Powder

Herbal Snanam Powder (Bath powder) (Must for trips more than 1-2 days). Ojasvini Herbal Snanam Powder is a product of the isha foundation (from Sadhguru). This is not a sponsorship, I honestly want you to use this bath powder instead of any soap because it is very hard to find a soap that contains no chemicals.

That’s why I advise everyone to use this bath powder which is made of natural herbs and it has many benefits like it protects the skin from germs and bacterial infection. Don’t worry because both the adult and infant can use it. You can know more about this bath powder by clicking here. Here are some tips to use this powder as soap:

  • Mix 4 tablespoon of herbal snanam powder in water to make a wet paste
  • Apply this paste on wet skin
  • Gently massage and leave until it dry
  • Now rinse clean with water.

Herbal Shampoo

Herbal Shampoo (Use on that baby which has now fully grown hairs). Cleaning baby’s hair with shampoo is not necessary on short trips but if you’re planning to camp for a week or more then it is good to pack a bottle of herbal shampoo. Only shampoo once in a week or two.

Baby Wipes (Good for 1-2 days trip). If you’re camping for just 1 or 2 days then there is no need to pack bathing powder or shampoo, the wipes are good enough. Just start from face to all the way down.

Clean cloth

It is a good way of cleaning the babies if you’re running out of water or some other problem then just take some warm water (not hot) in a pot and dip a clean cloth in water and start cleaning your baby. After the bathing is completed take a towel and dry them.

Collapsible bathtub

If your baby has developed the habit of taking bath in a bathtub only then you should not forget to pack a collapsible bathtub with you. You can find one either in the offline or online market. Just make sure they’re durable and comfortable for the baby. Using a bathtub for a little baby who can’t even sit on his own is also not difficult. Just support their body from one hand and use the other for bathing them.

Portable shower

A portable shower is not necessary on camping because you can also use a mug and can take a bath in a river (if you’re camping near the river then who cares about technical bathing. I love to bathe in the river.) But let’s say you’re camping in the winter season, then what? Now a good portable hot water shower or water heater can help your baby to take bath even on cold days. If you don’t want a water heater then you can also warm the water using a camp stove. The idea is to make water the friend of your baby.

Bathing baby in National Parks

If you’re camping in a national park or a campground then there are high chances of shower-enabled campsites. If yes then it is good to choose one. You have two options to shower your baby with you.

  • This option needs 2 adults: Person A enters the bathroom to check and arrange the shower temperature for the baby, now Person B gives the baby to Person A who shower the baby with him and then pass it to Person A again who dry the baby in a towel.
  • The second option is good for solo campers. So in this scenario, person A himself/herself arranges everything in such a way that after showering with a baby he and his/her baby can put themselves in a towel fastly and then put the clothes so that the baby doesn’t get cold.

Extra tips

  • After every bath, it is advisable to use clean diapers.
  • Pack some extra clothes in the winter or rainy season because you want the baby’s clothes to dry fastly in these seasons. If you’re camping in summer in another locality even for only 1 day, it is good to pack an extra pair of clothes for the baby because we don’t know when the white clouds start to turn black.
  • Clean and soft towel (please don’t allow anyone to use this towel instead of the baby).

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