Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away While Camping (100% Working)

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Always depending on mosquito repellent is not a good idea but if you use the best ways that I shared in this article to keep mosquitoes away while camping as an addon to the best natural mosquito repellent then for sure you will win this war.

best way to keep mosquitoes away while camping

8 best ways to keep mosquitoes away while camping

Loose clothes

Stylish and fit clothes have their own way but when you talk about health vs style then you should always choose health first because if you’re ill then no style gonna work on you.

Wear loose and lightweight full-sized clothes e.g a full shirt and full pants are enough.

Also, remember to wear light color clothes because the dark color is more appealing to mosquitoes.

Screened tent or netting

A screened tent is a transparent tent that allows you to see the beautiful waterfall, valley, and sky near your tent while it not allow any mosquito to come in and destroy your beautiful mood.

It is a good move to buy a screened tent for summer camping when there is no rain to come inside your tent.

If you already have a tent and don’t want to invest in a screened tent then buy a square mosquito net according to your tent size.

Tie this net around your tent with the help of a tree and tuck it on the ground so that wind won’t take the net off your tent.

Body net

Body net is only necessary when you know that you can found lots of mosquitoes during your walk outside the tent.

A good body net is a way to be secure from the small creatures who want to taste your blood.

You can find a good wearable mosquito jacket and pants here.

Zip-Up your tent

A small mistake can give the mosquitoes a good chance to hide in your tent and then torture you when you’re in bed. This mistake is – not zipping up your tent immediately every single time you enter and leave your tent.

Zip your tent even when you are sitting or sleeping just outside your tent.

Switch off the lights

Mosquitoes and most bugs have a fear of fire so they never come when you are sitting near your campfire but they will love the light coming from your torch, lamp, or even from your smartphone.

Hence don’t forget to switch off all the lights when you’re about to sleep. If you have fear of the dark then you can light up a mosquito repellent lamp some light.

Sleepaway from still water

In most chances, you can easily find some eggs of mosquitoes on the surface of still water like a lake, pond, or that which is there for a long time.

As you know mosquitoes need water to breed to complete their natural life cycle.

So to be far away from the home of mosquitoes set up your tent at least 100 meters away from the stagnant water.

Clean Area

Mosquitoes love to visit dirty places and to cancel their visit you need to maintain your campsite as clean as possible.

Don’t forget to clean all your dishes and don’t forget to clean your garbage or remaining food. It is always to live in a clean and hygienic place so leave no trace at all of all that you have to eat or do while camping.

Don’t use fragrant products

I don’t know why you need perfume or fragrance on camping, just enjoy the natural fragrance of soil, flower, trees, mountains, and many more that is available to enjoy and see.

Bugs seem to love the fragrance of these more than you. So it is better to avoid perfumed:

  • Haircare products
  • Deodorant
  • Aftershave
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Colognes, body sprays, and perfumes


These are some ways to stay safe from mosquitoes. If you know any other way to keep mosquitoes away while camping then please comment and I will be grateful to mention that in this post.