How To Make Coffee On Camp Stove

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Is there a camper in whose mind, thought of a good cup of doesn’t come? I don’t think so but if such a person exists let me know in a comment. Drinking coffee in limited quantity is not harmful but when you obsessed with coffee and drinking it like water then some serious problems can come.

In such a case you may not able to fall asleep faster in bed, an addiction to coffee may come which is not good at all, you may be awake but not alert and aware enough to enjoy camping.

Here I am going to share some methods. By using these easy methods you can prepare a good cup of coffee in little to no time.

How to make coffee on camp stove: 6 proven methods

1. Instant coffee

If you’re in hurry and don’t want to withdraw your time from ongoing adventure to make some coffee then Instant coffee is really a great method for quick-prep coffee. Let’s see how to do it.

There are many Instant coffee brands but they can be sticky but Starbucks has a variety of instant coffee and they don’t stick. VIA is one of the good instant coffee from Starbucks. Instant coffee is very light to pack for backpacking.

To prepare, you just need a cup of boiling water, add some instant coffee, and mix it on your cup. Yup! It’s easy-peasy.

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2. Cowboy method

Enjoying camping like a cowboy then why not prepare coffee like a cowboy. The cowboy method is a great method to prepare coffee for more than a person in no time.

  • Have some water on your pot and boil it using your camp stove.
  • Remove the pot from the flame and turn your stove off.
  • Drop 2 tablespoon coffee ground per 8 ounces of water in a pot.
  • Let the grounds settle for some time. Stir occasionally.
  • Pour the coffee from pot to cup. Be careful that the grounds don’t come to your coffee. For this, you can use this natural made in the USA coffee filter

3. Classical percolator method

Sitting near a campfire outside the home in winter and have some coffee in a percolator. What an experience I had. While my body is sensing the lovely warmth of the fire in a very cold temp and has a percolator sitting on fire making coffee. That was a great experience.

The same percolator method you can do on a camp stove. How to make coffee in a percolator on a camp stove? For this, I am using an internal filter percolator.

  • Remove the internal filter chamber from the percolator.
  • Add some water then put the filter back into the percolator.
  • Add some coffee grounds (Course ground works best because they do not slip to filter). Drop 1 tablespoon ground to 1 cup of water because percolator is known to make strong coffee.
  • Switch on your camp stove and put the percolator on the flame.
  • Let your percolator percolate the coffee for 5-6 minutes before serving.

4. Easy cone coffee

If you want another easiest method to make coffee. Which is as easy as to prepare Instant coffee, A simple coffee cone is ok for this method.

Put your paper filter in the cone – pour some coffee ground (don’t forget to grind them at home). Place your cone over the cup then take a cup of boiling water and pour slowly into the cone.

Congratulations a good cup of coffee is ready to touch your tongue.

5. Coldbrew coffee

If you have a space for a thermos then cold brew coffee can be a good option for you. Here are the steps to prepare a good cup of coffee from this method.

At home:

  • Take 3/4 cup of coffee ground for a cup of water.
  • Let the coffee grounds soaked in water for about 12 hours.
  • Strain your coffee and put it into the thermos.

At site:

  • Turn your stove on and boil some water in a pot.
  • Take a cup of boiled water into the cup.
  • Add this boiled water to cold brew coffee. Mix it well and serve.

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6. French Press coffee

French press coffee is a good option for the car campers because the coffee made using the french press helps the coffee to retain most of its oil which a filter can’t do.

Now I am sharing the simple steps to prepare a good cup of joe yourself.

  • Boil water on your camp stove
  • Remove the plunger and lid from the french press and add 1/2 to 2 tablespoon of coffee ground for every cup. You can add the course ground for better flavor.
  • Now add the hot water to the french press and add the lid with the plunger all the way up.
  • Let the coffee remain inside the press for about 3-4 minutes.
  • It’s ready to serve. The last task of this list is to push the plunger down to pour the coffee on your mug.

Cleaning tip: You can find some trouble with washing the french press on the areas where there is no running water to wash the grounds off from the screen of the french press. In this case, take a bowl of clean water and dunk and swish it around to remove the ground from the french press.


Which method of making coffee you are currently using. Sorry if your current method isn’t mentioned in this article. Tell me the method and I will make sure that it is mentioned on this page. Also, share your unforgettable experiences and memories of your outdoor adventure in the comment section. Hope you found this post valuable.

May you experience life to the fullest..